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Sailing Yacht MELMAR Y

S/Y MELMAR Y - water mirror


S/Y MELMAR Y is built by the french yard Chantier Amel – a specialist for long term cruising yachts. The target is not to fit as many people as possible on the boat but to have enough space to live aboard and also to have storage room for long journeys. Amel did this by building a nice roomy master’s berth and a comfortable guest cabin. Two heads (shower/toilet) offer some privacy both for the guests and owners. And the salon is a nice big room to spend some time inside if the weather is uncomfortable. If needed there are even some sleeping places in the salon. A lot of storage space all over the yacht offers the possibility to stay offshore for several weeks. A watermaker (desalination machine to get drinking water out of saltwater) takes care of the freshwater and solar panels and a wind generator generate electrical power (12V-System), next to the main engine of course.

The sailing characteristics of S/Y MELMAR Y are very comfortable. On one hand because of being a ketch (with two masts) and on the other hand with a hull form like a mix of a modern shortfin and a classic longkeel. She cuts the waves quite smooth even with heavy seas. This also leads to very easy helming of the ship. The sails are not too large, therefore they can be handled without too much of ‘muscle force’ (especially for women very interesting). Next to the furling genoa (foresail) we can set a second forestay to have a classic jib or storm jib hooked on. Mainsail and mizzen are set the old fashioned way, bottom up (furling systems into masts can lead to massive problems unfurling the sail if the sail folds in itself and gets the whole system blocked - usually this does not happen at smooth seas…). To complete the joy of sailing, a windvane selfsteering system supports the helming of the yacht especially for longer routeparts.

The Amel Maramus, due to the construction and weights, are no regatta yachts. To sail a distance with a certain speed we need enough wind. But for areas with less wind a diesel engine can be started and brings the boat forward. Or we set our drifter and have some colors in the air...

Navigation- / Safety-Equipment

A quite luxurious electronic equipment including primary data (speed, depth and wind), GPS and radar linked with a computer offer very good navigational possibilities even if the weather gets rough. Also communication equipment we can offer several devices since this is the main link to the world for us: maritime VHF-radio according to newest GMDSS (global maritime distress and safety system) standards. Handheld radios make the communication possible also outside the ships environment (e.g. with a group on land). Via ‚ham’-radio (i.e. amateur radio) and a special HF-modem we have even the possibility to email around the world (although no ‚surfing the internet’). The computer with the special HF-modem can be used as well to receive weather data and if necessary also for fax communication. A standalone NavTex receiver collects important emergency-, navigational- and weather warnings around the clock which are sent by different countries.

Next to all ’hightec’ equipment (which can fail anytime) we set a high priority on conventional equipment: binoculars with bearing compass, normal bearing compass, ships main compass, chronograph, weather data (barometer / thermometer), classic paper charts and for offshore navigation a sextant.

Even if the worst should happen we are ready: the liferaft takes up to six people. The emergency equipment in the liferaft and the ‘grabbag’ contains also, next to many different small items (anti seasickness medication, fishing stuff, first aid, …), a small manual water desalination pump for drinking water, a hand GPS and handheld radios both for maritime and aviation channels. Of course according different state laws we carry an EPIRB (emergency position indicator radio beacon) to newest standards (incl. integrated GPS) to facilitate SAR operation (search and rescue), i.e. help will find us faster and more precise.

Our Freediver (deepwater snorkeling) could also be regarded as safety-equipment. Like a scuba diver one can check the underwater part of the yacht or e.g. check if the anchor dug in properly. Of course our Freediver is also available to go diving for everybody on board. The small air-compressor is mounted within a 'swimming ring' and has a 15m breathing-pipe attached - this way one has full freedom to explore the underwater world (also together with a partner).

Technical Data

Yard Chantier Amel
Model Amel Maramu
Type ketch
Hull number # 89
Year built 1981
Hull material GRP
Registration / flag Switzerland
Home port Basel / Bale
Cabins 2 & salon
Heads 2
Number of people 2 - 4/5 (max. 8)
Length over all 13.8m / 45.3ft
Waterline length 10.9m / 35.8ft
Beam 4.0m / 13.1ft
Draugth 1.9m / 6.2ft
Height over water 16.0m / 52.5ft
Displacement 12.5t
Weight empty 9.8t
Ballast (in keel) 3.6t
Max sail area 121m2 / 1303ft2
Close-hauled sail area 96m2 / 1033ft2
Engine Nanni 42hp
Fueltank 480ltr / 127USgal
Endurance aprx. 700NM
Dinghy AVON 3.1m hard bottom
Outborder Suzuki 6hp