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Transfer of S/Y MELMAR Y from the UK to Slovenia

The very first part, before our big journey, took already place right after taking over our yacht in southern England, Summer '04. From the Channel via the Biscay around the Iberian Peninsula through the Strait of Gibraltar via the Baleares and Sicily and around Italy the route ended all the way up North in the Adriatic Sea in Slovenia. See for more in the very first logbook entries or on our geographical overview of the transfer (click into the picture to the right).

Our plan was from the beginning to stay with the warm climate and sail more or less along the 'barefoot route' towards the West. We didn't have an exact plan regarding all stops or places to visit - we just took it from day to day.

What we sailed can be followed by reading our logbook entries. Here a geographic overview what the planned route looked like.

  • Planned route from the Med across the Atlantic to the Caribbean
  • Planned route across the Med

By the way, you might still be able to see our exact route on including the sent messages. We used this great service also for our families at home, that way they were always up to date of our position and state. As you might see we did send e.g. across the Atlantic about every 12 hours a message together with our exact position. Following a copy inserted.

Actually sailed route of S/Y MELMAR Y