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Official logbook on S/Y MELMAR Y

On a seagoing vessel (sailing at sea) a so-called logbook must be kept. In this logbook all important occurrences are logged – if necessary official instances may trace the exact way of a journey. By the way, on this basis miles are confirmed which one needs to acquire the Swiss or Austrian license for offshore sailing.

Here on our Website we do not publish the original logbook (that would be too basic and boring), but we summarized our adventures. Thus this becomes a mixture from our original on-board logbook, our personal comments/experiences and diary. Other than in the logbook on the ship our reporting begins already during the preparation.

Under Route you will find a map with the geographical overview, our Picture Galleries contain a whole bunch of visual impressions and here now our logbook entries.

With the redesign of our website and transfer of all content we didn't manage to update all the picture galleries yet. It might well be possible that some links to the pictures do not work yet. We are working hard on these updates...