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During our sailing time we tried to put all to us important favourites with some comments into one list. Also have a look on our Sailor's page where you might find some more explanations and remarks. Additional links we put without comments at the end of the chapters. Some pages are available in German only, some offer a translation - check it out yourself!

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Websites of Sailing Friends and Fellow Sailors

Some of our sailing friends did finish their own sailing adventure. However there might still be one or the other fun or interesting story on their websites. And some others are still sailing...

  • S/Y ALKEDO - Yachtcharter in the Caribbean and the Med - Silvia & Conni from Germany offered charter on a (luxurious) catamaran -
  • S/Y ELDORADO - Ludwig and Lotti after their circumnavigation - S/Y ELDORADO (on
  • S/Y MAYARA - Sue and Toni from Langenthal/Switzerland sailed the Med - and what resulted on their experience (radio training, LRC & SRC courses, yachtelectronics)
  • S/Y MOMO - Swiss Sailing Tour Around the World - Yvonne & Bruno from Switzerland -
  • S/Y MON AMIE - Sailing around the World - Christa and Simi from Switzerland sailed once around Africa -
  • S/Y NOMAD - the seanomades Doris and Wolfgang from Vienna/Austria -
  • S/Y SAVARNA - Angela and Wieland from Vienna/Austria work also in training - or direct to their sailing
  • S/Y SULEIKA - We Sail Around the World - Ariane and Martin from Switzerland -
  • S/Y WATERAAP II - Marc's Cousin Sylvia and Pascal from Holland sailed the Atlantic circle -
  • S/Y Y NOT - Ute and Günter from Heidelberg/Germany -

Maritime Associations, Clubs, Authorities, Exhibitions, Publications

  • SSCA / Seven Seas Cruising Association - American live-a-board association with classic membership (associates & comodores) and good monthly publications -
  • CCS / Cruising Club Switzerland / Offshore Yachting - maritime training and charter -
  • HOZ / Hochsee-Zentrum - maritime training and charter -
  • RYA / Royal Yachting Association - English association for maritime training with system and some very good publications -
  • SLRG - Swiss Lifesaving Association - first aid & rescue in and on the water -
  • PADI - The Way The World Learns To Dive - worldwide dive training in steps -
  • DAN - Divers Alert Network / Your Dive Safety Associaton - also with inssurance specially for divers -
  • Dive Bequia - diving school with good training on all levels -
  • Murette - yacht insurances / insurance broker - Swiss insurance for yachts (membership in CCS necessary) -
  • Pantaenius - big german insurance (broker) for yachties and charterer (and more) -
  • Interboot - boat exhibition at Friedrichshafen/Germany, by the end of summer -
  • HanseBoot - international boat exhibition Hamburg/Germany - big exhibition, each year before season -
  • Boot Düsseldorf - most probably the biggest European boat exhibition, Düsseldorf/Germany before season -
  • London Boat Show - big boat exhibition in London/UK, usually beginning year -
  • Miami Boat Show & Strictly Sail - big boating exhibition spread over several areas in Miami/Florida/USA, beginning year -
  • New York / New Jersey International Boat Show - exhibition with great seminars (included in entrance fee) on different topics, shuttle from Manhatten/New York/USA, usually end of summer -
  • Sail-World - internet magazin for sailors - mostly in regattas, but also with articles for cruisers -
  • Palstek Verlag - with the quarterly magazin Blauwasser, Leben unter Segeln (in German) -
  • PBO - Practical Boat Owner - English magazin with usually very good ideas for boat owners -
  • Jimmy Cornell - many books for planning and under way, his website with updates - (many infos also as pure text, e.g. for Saildocs)
  • Bobby Schenk - German circumnavigator with many publications and heaps of infos on his website -
  • Imray - Publisher of Nautical Charts and Books - over almost all reagions of the world -
  • Chris Doyle Guides - nautical guides for the Caribbean, English only - regularly updated (aprx. every other year) -
  • Lonely Planet - the traveller's guides which are standard baggage for us for decades already (English only) -


  • DWD - Deutscher Wetterdienst - German weather service for notherly areas and the Med, also weather in form of tables * -
  • INM - Instituto Nacional de Meteorologia - Spanish weather service for Spanish coasts and the western Med, also text weather * for single areas -
  • MeteoAM - Servizio Meteorologico - Italian weather service for Italian seas and the central Med, also as text weather * (identical with transmissions on VHF CH68), in English and Italian -
  • Meteo Greece - Greek weather service - Greek only; for great annimation of wind: choose forth menu item in the main menu, then second line in the submenu, then it's just graphic choosing the area -
  • Meteo France - French weather service - also weather info for the Atlantic ocean as text weather * in different zones, also in English -
  • NOAA / NWS - National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration & NOAA National Weather Service - American weather service - a wealth of weather info from the Atlantic ocean over America all the way over the Pacific ocean - text weather *, weather faxes (download pictures via ftpmail - see Sailor's Page / Communication) - take your time to study the website - /
  • Airmail offers under menu item 'Catalog' also many different weather infos as quickchoice, they usually contain text weather from NOAA


  • Intermar - Amateur-Seefunk e.V. - association of radio amateurs supporting sailors on all seas, especially in meteorological aspects (website in English as well, radio mainly in German) -
  • Airmail - genious simple mail client primarly for emails via radio - but also usable as normal mail client or mail server -
  • Winlink 2000 CMS - main service for radio amateurs and their email communication (connection from HF/SSB-radio into the internet and vis versa) -
  • SCS - the Pactor creators - Pactor modem for email connection via HF/SSB-radio - creators and founders of Pactor -
  • JVComm - good receiving tool for weather faxes, RTTY-transmissions to sat-pictures - the small fee to support the programmer is worth the penny -
  • Skype - internet telephony which you now find almost anywhere -
  • GlobalSIM - Worldwide Mobile SIM-Card - quite attractive conditions, no fix costs, no roaming costs - worldwide only one phone number (instead of getting a new number in every country you're staying) -
  • BAKOM / Bundesamt für Kommunikation - Swiss communication authority - specially also for maritime radio licencing -
  • ITU - International Telecomunication Union - also for radio issues and with radio frequencies -