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Basic Crew

Marc & Melanie on a charter trip some time before our own sailing project

The regular crew consisted of two persons, then one person joined: Marc acquired and carried the appropriate documents for leading ships thus the official responsibility, Melanie got her knowledge 'in practice' and helped out everywhere there is a hand was needed. And Kyle got already during his joungest years his introduction into life at sea as a junior mate.

"Together we live on board. Together we manage all work on board. Together we sail and explore the world."

Marc - Skipper

Marc Audeoud - a name with difficulties, above all the pronunciation. It is probably simpler to stick to my first name - Marc!

End of the 60's born in the zodiac sign of the Scorpio, linked to water through and through. In addition I have Dutch blood in my veins from my mother and it is no surprise that I might end up on a ship one day in my life. But I also inherited my fathers desire to travel and explore the world off the beaten tracks. I was able to experience this already in the first 5 years of my life while I grew-up in Peru.

But after electronics, electrotechnics and computer science I wanted to explore the sky first. As a pilot for Swissair – today Swiss - I experienced and worked with and against the elements for several years and had the privilege to see something of the world from time to time (and if it was only for a short visit).

Relatively late I made it out to sea with my mother as skipper in the year 2000. But these great 3 weeks in the Caribbean were the start to acquire different sailing certificates: inshore sailing and motorboat certificate and then the offshore sailing certificate. I did not miss out on my PADI dive certificate and through my occupation as a pilot I was used to work within the elements and therefore was able to transfer my skills from flying to sailing – like helming/steering, navigation, meteo and for parts also general seamanship.

For a long time I had this desire to go on a longer sea journey – but you know how it goes – you are well established and have a great job which is a lot of fun and actually you do not miss anything in your life: "once I turn 40 I will ask for a part-time contract and then in my early retirement I will turn my pastime hobby into my life". Then the completely unexpected happened: my father, only 61 and ready for his retirement died in a traffic accident. How fast and unexpected this can happen! This got me thinking - is it really worthwhile to wait for your dream to come true?

Two months later, during a great sailing trip in the Seychelles we heard more about the plan to sail around the world. The seed was sown and the idea began to grow. We (I am lucky to have Melanie on my side who also loved the idea!) decided shortly after this trip to shape this idea to go on a long sailing trip around the world.


Since then we traveled and sailed a lot. We experienced and learned to know advantages and disadvantages which go along a life at sea and with that also possibilities and borders. With our son's birth we started a new chapter which we did start at sea. But at the same time we also got new deadlines and also new financial 'burdens'.

Melanie - CoSkipper

Melanie born as Wölki - also this name is wrongly written in Switzerland most of the time. In many cases Melanie will become a ‘Wolke’ (= cloud) ... let’s leave it at Melanie.

Although grown up in quite protected circles in Luzern, I am not a classical Swiss. My parents emigrated from Germany to Switzerland - Luzern before I was born.

After I finished professional school I spend an unforgettable year in America as an Au-Pair with US Family Coy in Anaheim Hills, Orange County, a suburb of Los Angeles. I almost stayed there – this big city left a lasting impression.

The travel virus got me when I traveled with Marc to New Zealand and Australia. Since then I asked myself: When do we go again on a longer journey? Each year we went at least once on vacation, but it is not the same: one is hardly on vacation and you got accustomed to it, it’s already over… It did not need much persuasion and I was fire and flame to have the prospect to go on a long journey.

Seasickness is the only question mark I had - will I be ok? Will I get accustomed to it? But Caroline, a good friend of mine who spent quite some time sailing the oceans told me not to worry, I would get accustomed to it fairly quick. Anyway, there are a lot of anti-seasickness ‘possibilities’ out there …


In the meantime we got married and I have the same problems with my 'new' last name as Marc. But I also advanced on the level of licences and knowledge during our sailing project: I acquired my PADI dive licence, my coastal sailing certificate and finished the exams for the offshore sailing certificate - not to mention all the experience we collected together sailing the seas.

Kyle - Junior Mate

Kyle Alec is our son, born March 9th, 2008 during a 'home leave' in Switzerland. Since then he dictates a big part of our lifes. Anyhow we did want to give him a chance so see and experience different aspects of life and our world, at least for a short period of time. And even though if he doesn't remember too much of those months at sea, we know he learned a lot.