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Nov '02: First Ideas - First Plans - First Info

“If you are about to build a ship, don’t get men in order to collect wood, to prepare tools, to assign tasks and divide the work, but teach them to long after the wide open sea.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupérie

An idea, particularly ours, usually develops not over night. The interest in water and then in sailing has been there for a long time and the travel ‘bug’ has also been in our veins for quite some time. Sometimes it takes a special trigger to make an “interest” become reality. This was for us the sudden death of Yves – Marc’s father: Why postpone a project? That’s when we turned our dream into a project.

At first usually the question about finances arises: How much will this cost us? How much do we have? Thereafter it is a simple calculation. For us it looks like we will be sailing till the money is gone. According to our first rough estimate it should last for about one to two years. In order to be able to put still more money in the bank we decided to move into a smaller, more favorable apartment. Now we live very luxurious which we enjoy and are able to pay comfortably. In the meantime we were able to find something smaller very quickly – we will move end of 2003; from our 5½ room apartment to a 3 room apartment. We are then able to save some more money.

Another question is the one about the time plan: when do we start with our sea journey? Since some things must still be done we can not start before 2004. Maybe not even before summer 2005 since Melanie will have some changes at her working place and does not want to leave right that moment.

We now start to read a lot about our voyage and are collecting information. There are a lot of books in which other sailors describe their experiences and adventures while sailing around the world. Following a very small selection:

  • "Komm, wir segeln um die Welt" Beate Kammler, Delius Klasing Verlag
  • "Vom Alltag in die Südsee" Rüdiger Hirche/Gaby Kinsberger, Delius Klasing Verlag
  • "Ich und der Ozean", Naomi James, Ullstein Verlag
  • "Karibisches Eis - arktisches Feuer" Burgard Pieske, Delius Klasing Verlag

Some training and knowledge building will be needed as well. Marc has the 'Swiss inshore sail and motorboat certification' and still collects his miles for the Swiss B-Certification (open water certification for sail and motorboats). Open is a refresher training of the art of astro navigation (what if there's no power for the GPS?) and some radio licenses (maritime LRC – long range certificate and the amateur radio / ham license).

There are many points, which we need to complete and this will take us some time until we are ready. At one time we also need to inform our families about our adventure plans...

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