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July '06: Enroute with Winds - Greece II

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 From Cape Sounion we sailed northeast to Evia. For the next couple of days we anchored at the southwest corner and enjoyed the pacific-island-feeling. It was a dreamlike place with turquoise water between green islands… only the palm trees are missing. The winds started to blow stronger and even during the night it didn't get less anymore… This should (unfortunately) be the case from now onwards. A second anchor and regular checks on our anchor and position during the night will be our daily or better say nightly business from now on till we will leave Greece.

 From Lavrion, on the Southeast coast of Attica, we made a daytrip into Athens. Acropolis, Plaka, Change of the Guards, etc. kept us on our toes all day.

 In Porto Rafti (North of Lavrion) Alexandre, Marc's godchild, joined us. Together we would like to sail till Mykonos and visit the most important archeological site of Greece, Delos Island. After another quick stop at Cap Sounion we relaxed and swam in Ormos Kolona at Kithnos Island.

 Port Finikas on Siros Island was our next harbor. Here we stayed for 3 nights. The winds got stronger every day and the waves higher… But then we decided to take our chance and head direction Mykonos. We just left the safe harbor when our mizzen boom sprang free from the mast… sh…!! So we turned back and put it on again… done!! But still, it showed us how strong the winds were blowing! We just about made it around the south corner of Siros and had then to turn into the harbor of Ermoupolis on Siros again. Unfortunately this was the end of Alexandre's trip with us. Storm winds were forecasted for the next couple of days. Here we moored for several days and hoped for a change.

 Fortunately the winds got less… but not the sea! (The waves always take a couple more days to smooth out.) With a one reef (decreasing the sail area) in the mizzen, no mainsail and only a very tiny small bit of genoa we 'rushed', even though with still high waves, over to Mykonos.

 Here our next guests, Prisca and Claudio, came on board. The winds were still quite strong. Therefore we decided to stay another night and explored the island by scooter.

 Overnight we then actually got 'parked-in'! A regatta with about 45 boats which had started in Athens the day before stopped here in Mykonos for two nights. Therefore we ended up (we alongside the mole) in three-, four- or even five-somes packets… (one boat goes alongside the other boat till there are 3, 4 or 5 right next each other together). Also in front and the back of us! The next morning our neighbor (a skippered boat who had a side anchor out – fortunately) pulled us out of our parking lot! The others all clapped and cheered as a sign of relief that it went so smooth… we guessed!

 We set sail and anchored over night in the Southbay of Rinia Island. Right next to Rinia is Delos… but we couldn't stop / anchor there. The winds were blowing to strong from the North and the anchorages are not very good holding. We were very sorry that we couldn't make it! We would have liked to see this important archeological site.

 In Southbay we enjoyed a lazy and quite evening… which ended by doing anchor watch all night long, as the winds started to pick up again, up to 7–8Bf (aprx. 65mph). After breakfast we prepared our storm jib and set it… we were in for quite a ride! With one to three meter waves and only our storm jib up we made up to 6 knots! and reached Naxos Island in no time! There we were able to tie our MELMAR Y to the last available berth in the harbor. Puh, were we glad to be there!

 After collecting some more weather information and a relaxed dinner at one of the many nice tavernas in Naxos we discussed our further trip. It didn't look good! The winds as well as the sea wouldn't calm down for the next couple of days. The final port for our gusts was planned to be the beautiful volcano island Santorini. Tie down possibilities for boats on Santorini are basically non existent, only anchorages. But who would leave their boat alone at anchor in these strong winds!? After discussing it forth and back we decided, for the safety of the crew and boat, to stay here in Naxos and go to Santorini by commercial ferry. But first we rented for one day two ATVs and explored the island. Naxos is one of the few islands in the Cyclades that is beautiful green. We also liked Naxos village very much! Beautiful old village with small alleys, car free zones, beaches accessible by public bus and a variety of international kitchens and food.

 On the second last day of Prisca's and Claudio's vacation we all boarded the ferry to Santorini. The view while we entered the crater as well as the berthing maneuver of the big ferry were spectacular! Prisca and Claudio will return to Switzerland from here. But first we explored the crater villages Fira and Immerovigli and enjoyed the fantastic views. Impressive! And not to miss the sunset at Oia! Again here are no comments necessary…

 Slowly but surely we had as well to say 'Yasus Hellas'… for us 'another' journey begins – we (at last) go WEST… 

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