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October '06: Visits - Balearics, Spanish Mainland and Vienna

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August, 30th, Melanie’s dad Bernd and Brunhilde arrived for two weeks. They had booked an apartment close to Porto Colom. So we took the bus and spent a great day together, catching up on everything back home and family stories etc. Back in Porto Colom we jumped in our dinghy and headed back towards our boat. But somehow she was not where we left her this morning! She was in the middle of the entry channel?! What happened? On the yacht we quickly started the engine and took the anchor up… but where was the rope of our second anchor? And the relief line? This is funny! And just then Carol and Steve from S/Y INNAMORRATA II came towards us in their dinghy. Obviously something went on… around noon the wind turned 180°, got quite strong and our anchor didn’t hold anymore. Carol and Steve got on our boat and put out almost all our anchor chain till the anchor set again. Thank god the two jumped in!! Who knows what would have happened otherwise! When we were stable at anchor again – at a new position within the proper anchor field – we had a drink with Steve and Carol on our boat. And despite the fright a nice evening/night after all.

The next day Bernd and Brunhilde spent their first day on board at anchor. They enjoyed the time on board in our “board chairs”, the sun and the light breeze, cold drinks as well as “checking” the bay – there was so much to see! Melanie’s cousin Volker with his family from Norway also spent some time on Mallorca. They all came to visit the next day – Volker and Therese with Linus, Nils and Tova – our boat got quite full, but it was so much fun! An unforgettable day for us all!

We explored the island by car together with Bernd and Brunhilde but most of the time we just relaxed on the boat, which was by now moored on a buoy. Time flies when you have a good time and Bernd and Brunhilde had to fly back home again.

Melanie attended a sailing course for one week in Palma and then Melanie’s mom Irmgard and Jean-Pierre arrived on Mallorca. They had rented for two weeks a beautiful Finca (landhouse) just a little bit further inland from Porto Colom. Together with them we also enjoyed our boat, their Finca with swimming pool and billiard table and explored Mallorca . After spending a month on Mallorca we now could understand why many people have a second home here! The lush green forests and mountains as well as the blue sea and a great coastline, not to mention the climate – it was just a perfect time on Mallorca.

On the last days of our stay in Porto Colom our friends Nathalie and Martin joined us. Together we sailed to the mainland of Spain, to Alicante. Our first stop was the National Park of Cabrera – just a few islands in the West, close to Mallorca. After a night at the buoy we left Cabrera late in the afternoon to motor all the way to Ibiza. We stayed in St. Eulalia in the marina for two nights and visited Ibiza city where we enjoyed a relaxed evening with a nice dinner. Our next stop was Formenterra – so we thought – but on our way there we saw mooring buoys near el Espalmador with a white sandy beach and turquoise blue water, a small island just North of Formenterra. So we decided to spend two days swimming, relaxing and exploring that island (despite some jelly fish…).

On September 30th we left the Balearic Islands behind us and sailed to mainland Spain. We had a great crossing, all sailing and we anchored in Ensanada de Portochol near Cabo de la Nao. The next couple of days we made our way under engine – no wind at all – towards Malaga. In Alicante Nathalie and Martin left us and took their flight home. These were our last guests on board for the Mediterranean Sea and this year.

In Almerimar we made new friends: Harry and Judith from Austria on S/Y DURRUS. They were also on their way to the Canary Islands to cross over to the Caribbean. They invited us to self made ‘KäsSpätzle’ – mhm, yummy! Who knows, maybe we meet again on the Canary Islands or in the Caribbean. We will stay in touch for sure!

In Malaga we checked into the Marina Benalmadena for a couple of days and took a flight to Vienna. We showed up at Wieland’s door step as a surprise at midnight to join his birthday party the next day – and it really worked: Wieland was so surprised, he didn’t expect us at all! So we spent a nice, catch-up-on-all-kinds-of-things-weekend with our dear friends in Vienna.

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