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November '06: Out of the Med - Gibraltar to Tenerife

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Back in Benalmadena we went shopping, big time groceries shopping to fill up our storage for the next couple of weeks. Then it was time: we left Malaga behind us and headed towards Gibraltar. On October 26th with heavy Easterly winds (wind from behind), only our jib up and three knots counter current(!) we sailed through the Strait of Gibraltar. Goodbye Med – Hello Atlantic! The sea state was quite rough but we were happy that we could sail and didn’t have to motor.

After three days, lots of wind then less wind and at the end winds from everywhere with heavy rain showers we saw very faint in the grey morning light the coast of Morocco with Casablanca and the Mosque Hassan II. What will await us here? Can we stay? Will we have to anchor? We slowly made our way to the port of Mohammedia – Marc called the Port Captain on the radio and we were kindly asked to proceed all the way to the end of the port to a small marina. And really, there at the far end a marina with two jetties came in sight and very friendly and helpful marina staff awaited us already. The small berth assigned to our big boat was a challenge to “park-in” – but Marc manoeuvred our S/Y MELMAR Y in perfectly. Although with us in half of the marina was almost blocked. There we were – welcome to the Orient!

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Around noon on November 19th we left Mohammedia at high tide and sailed together with S/Y WATERAAP to the Canary Islands. During the afternoon we took photos from each other while under sail. After that, we lost sight of S/Y WATERAAP, they were definitely faster than we were. We have to say that we very much enjoyed our crossing to the Canaries. Except for a couple of hours under engine we were able to sail all the way and our fastest 24-hour-distance was 154 miles – wow! Eating, drinking and sleeping worked very well and on the 4th day we got really into a routine. We reached Santa Cruz de Tenerife on Thursday, November, 23rd late at night. From here we will cross over to the Caribbean… 

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