Work in progress - We changed our website design and have to move all content. There are still some parts to be finished. Our appologies for any inconveniance. Check back soon so see the final results.
  • S/Y MELMAR Y on water - well inside a Dockwise ship which will sail soon
  • S/Y MELMAR Y on the hard - Port Napoéon / South France - up for sale

"Don't dream your life - live your dream"

For the time being we finished our sailing project. Heavy-hearted on one side, we sold our S/Y MELMAR Y. But on the other hand we are very happy for her to get into the waters and being sailed again. After all she's a sailing yacht and not ment to stay on the hard for so long!

Even though if we have no yacht anymore, we will keep all logbook entries and the picture galleries also for the future on this site. Maybe we can encourage one or the other to let them do their own first step...

End of 2011 we eventually updated this website not only with a new design, but also adapted the entries to the actual state. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we still love to go out to sea!


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